Adhesive tapes with logo

This type of products allows its users to obtain additional benefits in comparison to a standard (one-color) tape.

Adhesive packing tape

Available in different basic colors: clear, white, brown, red, blue.

Stationary adhesive tapes

Stationary adhesive tape is a type of pressure-sensitive tapes used for packaging and strapping of small boxes, packages, bags, envelopes, as well as for fixing posters.

Masking tape (masking scotch, crepe)

Masking tape (masking scotch, crepe) – a scotch tape with an adhesive paper base treated with a special compound.

Protective tapes

Self-adhesive protective film protects the surface from dirt and damages during handling, storage, transportation and installation. The protective film does not leave any traces when peeled off.

Stretch film

Стретч пленки применяются для транспортной упаковки, служат для упаковки различных грузов на поддонах (паллетах) методом ротационного обертывания.

Reinforced adhesive tapes

Reinforced fiber adhesive tapes for fixation, repair and maintenance application (also known as "bandage tapes" or "Duct tape") are self-adhesive tapes reinforced with synthetic fiber (fabric) to prevent the tape from extension and disruption.

Double sided adhesive tapes

Double sided self-adhesive tapes are the tapes with an adhesive applied on both base sides (see figure). Such tapes are used to connect or fasten objects together either temporarily or for extended period of use. We present double sided tapes with a film and fabric base.

Anti-adhesion material

Anti-adhesion material is a polymer film with one or two sides covered with organic silicone (siliconized) coat. Silicone films are used for protection of material surfaces to be adhered for a general or specific purposes in order to prevent unintentional adhesion and contamination of adhesive layer, as well as it is used as a support material (substrate) in production of polygraphic pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) materials.

Freezer tape

Freezer tape is a specialized film designed for fixation procedure at very low temperatures down to -45 ° C.

Bubble wrap film

Bubble wrap film is a coiled packing and spacing material with shock and sound absorbing features as well as water and heat insulation properties. In our store you can find a Bubble wrap film of any size: from 10 to 100 meters.