Groceries include grits, noodle products, sugar, salt, and other bulk stocks. To pack this category of the products both monofilm, and laminate (multilayer) material may be used. The package for the noodle products should also have high resistance to perforations besides the barrier characteristics.


The production of the snack group includes chips, nuts, dry fruit, bread croutons, sunflower seeds, gum pellets, and dried seafood. The characteristic feature of the snack group is a low content of moisture, high fat content, and sensibility to off-odor.


This category of products includes candies, chocolate, marmalade, caramel, nougat, wafers, roll cakes, muffins, biscuits, and many other sweet confectionaries. The confectionary production is very miscellaneous that it should be divided into several subcategories.


This category of products may include dry mixtures and herbs, laurel lea, whole pepper and powdered pepper, flavors, flavor additives, dry jelly, gelatin, and instant food. This category of the production may belong to the group of snacks according to the requirements of the physicochemical properties of the package.

Coffee and tea

The main requirements for the package of coffee and tea are a retention of aroma and properties of the natural product. In this case, the multi-layer material on the basis of aluminum foil perfectly keeps the product, provides the convenient use of the finished package.

Bakery products and perforation services

To pack bakery products we use one-layer film from 15 to 40 mm with external printing. It may be both polypropylene and cast-polypropylene material. In addition to good visible properties of the material it has a bright look and informs a buyer about the expiration date, manufacturer, and content.

Fat-and-oil products

This type of products includes mayonnaise, dressings, ketchup, dairy products, butter, oil, and condensed milk. In order to prevent spoiling of the products with high content of fat the packing materials should have high barrier properties, gas-tightness, water-resistance, and aroma-resistance, fat-resistance, and light-reflecting ability. And it also should have the use reliability, should not be split, should not lose shape, change its properties while storing the packed fat-content production.

Deep freeze products

The main requirements for the package are a protection against warmth and light, mechanical strength, resistance to dehiscing during the frost influence, and air-tightness.

Household chemistry

The goods of household chemistry include shampoos and hair dyes, soaps, detergents, hygiene products, wipes and car cosmetics.

Labels on bottles

We use a single-layer polypropylene material for the label on the bottles.

Vacuum packing

Vacuum packaging is a film with high barrier properties, which is used for fish, seafood, cheese, sausage and meat products. It allows vacuumizing the product or placing it in modified conditions. For this package, we use an extra layer of EVOH.